Friday Flowers

Happy Friday! We’ve had really hot days this week, the hottest so far being yesterday with 38ºC here in the South. Although we all prefer summer temperatures to rain, 38ºC is definitely too much for many people, including myself. I don’t mind having the shutters closed all day to keep the heat out of the house while I’m at work, but when I come home and on the weekends, I really don’t like hanging out in a dark-ish space just for the sake of keeping the heat out. It’s also getting unpleasant to break out in a sweat just from sitting there reading – or doing nothing. So this overly good weather is a mixed blessing.

I don’t have any specific plans for this weekend, except try some salad recipes I found online, because this weather just screams for light and fresh food. As for drinks, talking to my sister last night we found we’re both already at the stage where we’ve had enough of water to avoid dehydration, so it’s time to freshen that up as well with citrus fruit, apples, berries, mint… Do you have anything special you add to water in summer?

Wishing you all a pleasant weekend with bearable temperatures.



3 thoughts on “Friday Flowers

  1. Here it’s 33°C and I’m already struggling… I can imagine with 38°C! I think you describe it very well saying it’s a mixed blessing 🙂

    As for the drinks, I sometimes make ‘home made’ ice tea – no sugar, just some slices of lemon or orange if I want to add some more flavor. One thing I never tried but that seems very nice is too make ice cubes with fruit in it, so you can just add that to your water.

    And something I started doing last Summer: I take my hot water bottle from Winter, I fill it with cold water, put it on my freezer, then when it’s super cold I wrap it in a cloth and have it on my lap or next to my feet. It’s very refreshing!

    • I always forget about the fruity ice cubes! Need to buy an ice cube tray, because I’m currently using these ice cube freezer bags.
      Like the water bottle idea, it does sound refreshing.

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