Friday Flowers

Good morning. After last week’s hot temperatures we’ve had a quite pleasant week here in the South with light winds during the day and quite heavy rain during the night, which produced medium – and bearable – daily temperatures. Today’s quite nice, and apparently we’re in for a sunny weekend as well.

Last Friday at the market I checked out the price of  above flowers and was told – I guess because it was so hot and the vendor needed to sell his flowers quickly – that I could have the whole bucket for €15. So I brought home 4 bunches of those lovely roses, they held up for 4 days instead of the promised 5, but in the kind of heat we had I guess that’s fair.

On Saturday I went and finally bought myself a nice reading chair for the living room. This came about through watching too much TV (or YouTube, in this specific case). Ever since watching HGTV in the US with all its home renovation shows I got really hooked. We don’t get those shows over here, but also I don’t have a TV, and I don’t know why it took me about two years to look those home reno shows up on YouTube… I basically binge-watched Property Brothers, and I just love the way they stage homes, which in turn reminded me of that reading chair I’ve been wanting to get for a while.

So I found one online, aqua coloured like one of the walls in my living room, and it turned out the warehouse 10 minutes from where I live had it in stock. I needed to bring my sister, though, because I wasn’t sure the chair would fit into my small car, and she’s got a much better eye for stuff like that. It did fit, and I’ve been happily reading – and watching home reno shows – in my new favourite piece of furniture this past week.

Today it’s quite unbearable at the office because the building is being renovated while we’re working, and the noise is extremely counterproductive. So I’ll be heading out early, go by the market, and then it’s back to my reading chair.

Happy Friday, everyone!


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