Friday Flowers

Good morning! It’s a bit dreary here weather-wise, but the past few days started out like this as well, then turned to 30ºC ones, so there’s still hope.

Today’s flowers were an unexpected gift from a florist. There’s a nice shop not far from where I live, but unfortunately when I drive past on my way to work they’re not yet open, and they’re already closed on my way home. So when I had to take my car to have its MOT earlier this week, I was close to the shop and able to pop in. The ones I chose were snapdragons and prairie gentians, both very long stemmed, but I also wanted to have these daisies for a smaller vase. While the lovely florist lady packed everything up, she said she wanted me to have the daisies for free. A very nice surprise, but then she’s also a very nice woman, which is why I like to shop there. Most of these daisies are still holding up on my coffee table.

Tomorrow I’ll be going to a farm fete with a friend; it’s an organic farm, and apart from having attractions for children and – from what I’ve heard – fantastic burgers, they also sell organic beef from their farm. Really looking forward to that, and hopefully I’ll be able to fill my freezer for when the beef craving hits.

Hope you have nice plans and pleasant weather wherever you are!


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