Friday Flowers

Good morning. What a week – heat, heavy thunderstorms, torrential rain, then beautiful sunny days again. Today seems a bit mixed, when I left the house it was quite cloudy, but further along the way I needed sunglasses. So fingers crossed it’ll stay like this.

During one of those thunderstorms I had to get up at night to save some of my plants on the balcony. The winds were so strong they knocked over some really heavy clay pots that carried larger plants, but luckily nothing was damaged.

When I bought the above trio and planted them, I decided it was a mistake, because they looked really pale. The original colours were cream, a very pale pink and lilac. After a couple of weeks, though, the blossoms seemed to turn colour, all of them turning into stronger shades of their originals. It was like someone had run them through Photoshop – very weird, I’ve never seen anything like it before, but I’m certainly not complaining as I love the stronger colours.

Plans for the weekend? Not much, but I’m hoping to make macarons. I don’t mind making the shells, but when it’s time to do the filling, I always get fed up fiddling with the piping bag and the nozzles, so I tend to avoid making them altogether. We’ll see what happens.

I’m also quite eager to do some photography, although I don’t know exactly what to photograph. I ran through lots of my “The Month In Pictures” posts from when I started that series, and I realised I used to do so much macro photography. I might go out taking only the 105 mm lens, I hope I can stick with it.

Have a good weekend, everyone!


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