Friday Flowers

Hello & Happy Friday! It’s a rainy day here, and we’re in for a rainy Saturday and cloudy Sunday if the forecast app is to be believed. That’s OK with me, though, because I don’t have any plans, although I’d much prefer a few rays of sun to a rainy weekend.

Last weekend I did manage to do everything that I’d planned – making macarons, experimenting with a brisket dish, and going to a farm brunch with a friend. The latter was quite nice, with good organic food, good weather, and nice photo opportunities.

I still need to think about a vacation destination as I need to take two weeks off in September. I’ve been looking at photography workshops and foodie farm stays, but nothing really spoke to me. Maybe I’ll find something on short notice.

How about you? Have you had a summer vacation yet? Have you been anywhere exciting?


2 thoughts on “Friday Flowers

  1. you have inspired me to go out and buy flowers today Kiki – irresistible pinks!! . Have a lovely weekend – I find UK residential photography courses OTT in terms of prices and always in out of the way places so hard to get there without a car

    • Oh that’s nice to hear that you were inspired 🙂 ! I’ll be buying flowers later today at the market. Hopefully. I find photography course prices in general over the top, especially for food and architectural photography. I paid about US$ 1500 for a one week course that included everything – food, drinks, accommodation plus the course, which is quite reasonable. When I look for courses today, they’re all US$ 1800 for just the course. Unreasonable, but it seems like people are willing to pay that much.

      Hope you’ll have a lovely weekend, too!

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