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One Person’s Junk…

Fleamarket Find

…is another person’s treasure. Although I’m sure this set did not start out as junk, but let me start at the beginning.

A few weeks ago I met a friend for breakfast in the city. It was a Saturday and, therefore, flea market day. Walking towards our meeting point, I ogled the stalls from the corner of my eye. Then my friend and I talked about flea markets and found that we a) both found a lot of the stuff to be just filthy old crap and b) were both crap at bartering.

So after I told her that I’d always wanted to find something nice for the food blog, like an old tea or coffee set, we decided to walk through the flea market with our eyes open and then we’d see whether we’d try bartering.

Shortly after that we both looked at the above set at the same time, looked at each other, my friend said “What’s it worth to you?”, I said “5 Euros, 8 max”. She held up the set, the guy called over “4 Euros” – and we were both totally baffled because we hadn’t expected that at all. Huh. Below what I’d have been prepared to pay. I said yes, not even trying to barter, and he wrapped it up. While he did so, my friend asked if he wasn’t going to tell us the story of this piece. His answer was he bought it at an estate sale, which probably means he paid even less than 4 Euros.

I went home very, very happy, wondering about who had owned this set and kept it in such good condition for probably a very long time.