2017 April In Pictures

April was quite a diverse month, both weather- and photography-wise. The weather showed both its pleasant as well as its unpleasant side, as is typical for April. With regards to photography, I did much more than in the previous months, both outside and inside. I made some DIY photography backgrounds/surfaces, and I enjoyed testing them as you will see below.

At the end of April I traveled first to Edinburgh, and then on to London, where I was happy to meet fellow photography blogger Laura of eljaygee for the second time after our meeting in December last year.

All in all, April was a balanced mix of positives and not so positives. I’m still looking for an apartment, but I got to go on vacation. My business trip to Rome was cancelled, but I’ll be traveling to the Dutch North Sea coast next month. I still haven’t broadened my photographic horizon as much as I would have liked, but I’m on a good course. So no complaints, really. Let’s see what May brings.

How was April for you?

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2016 April In Pictures

Hello again at the end of yet another month. As I’ve commented in most of my Friday posts, the weather showed us all it had. Let’s hope spring finally stays come May 1st.

How was April? I really, really miss my friend E who moved back to the US in February. Our monthly photo outings were always inspiring, and I still haven’t managed to go out by myself much.

I’ve been meaning to buy a second DSLR – a used D700, which I was hoping would be cheaper now that newer models are out, but so far I haven’t found one on the “used” market that fulfills all my requirements.

However, a friend has persuaded me to buy something else entirely, and I will receive this something else by the end of May. It’ll get me clicking more, I’m sure – I’ll keep you posted.

The month in pictures for April is mostly plant life;  with so much growing right now as well as my visit to the park plants made for the most obvious photo subject.

How was your April?



2015 April In Pictures

I’m a bit late for April In Pictures, but I have a good excuse – I was travelling, returning just last night. Earlier this year I had decided to buy myself an airplane ticket to escape birthday celebrations and go gallivanting around England instead. I had a really good time, but more on that in a separate post.

Having just come back from vacation, I think all the impressions from that trip are still buzzing around in my head, because to be honest I can’t seem to remember much of April except that the weather was mostly good and I didn’t really have anything to complain about. Which is a good thing, so there’s no need for me to go waffling on – let’s just get to April’s pictures.



2014 April In Pictures

In April I got much more joy out of my camera than I did the past couple of months. As you can see, there’s more plants in my collection this time, and I also found pleasure again in snapping the little mundane things both around the house and outside. Typically for April, we’ve had both sun and rain, but the beautiful sunny days won out.

I got the balcony back in shape and planted the seedlings I’d been growing since the beginning of the month.
I cleared out my recipe basket – twice; the pile you’ll find in the pic collection below was the second one, and when I was done only about a 2 cm pile was left.
I cold-bloodedly took pictures of people without asking their permission.
I went on eye-level with my dishwasher, something I’d never thought of doing before.

How was April for you? Or are you glad it’s over and looking forward to what May might bring?

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