Wedding Bells

Wedding BellsI’ve mentioned the wedding I attended in Hamburg a few times over the past week. I had only a vague idea of how I wanted to gift-wrap the wedding present, because I think stuffing money into an envelope is so uncreative.

The couple will be going on honeymoon to New York later this year, so I had a NY picture in mind and wanted to create the gift wrapping around that. And it had to be something that I could easily take on the plane. I left it pretty much last minute because suddenly I felt quite uncreative.

Then I was gifted this little heart made of tiny bells – and I am so not into hearts. I decided to re-gift it for a good cause, found a NY skyline drawing on the internet, bought an IKEA picture frame – the deep kind that’s like a shadowbox – and assembled it all with the money tied butterfly-style around the heart of bells.