Edinburgh 2017

I’ve been to Edinburgh before, about 10 years ago, but that was before I got bitten by the photography bug. As I was traveling by myself this time, I decided to do a tourist bus tour to get an overview of what I wanted to see in detail later on. So I did the whole tour at first, then on the second round I hopped on and off the bus.

I did a lot of walking during the 2½ days I was there, and yet when I walked up to the Nelson Monument I realised it was steeper than I’d thought. OK, so I hadn’t been jogging for a year, but I arrived up there panting, which I desperately tried to hide because all the elderly people around me seemed to have no trouble at all with the climb 😂 .

I’m always nervous when I download my pictures back at home, because what looks totally OK on the camera display can be completely different when viewed in large. I was quite pleased that for once you can see where I was from my pictures, which isn’t always the case, as I tend to get more caught up in details than sightseeing and tourist spots.

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