Weekly Photo Challenge: Nostalgia


Last week one of my best friends from school called saying she felt really nostalgic and had had a long think about our friendship, and we got talking for a while. Then next day the WP photo challenge subject said nostalgia. But how to translate what we talked about into a picture? I couldn’t.

Then this morning – when the grumpiness I mentioned earlier today in my Friday Flowers post had passed! – I had a good laugh and found a photo subject. A really simple one, but it fits nostalgia to a T. I’m one of very few people who, when issued with a new work laptop, insists on not needing a new keyboard. I’m using an old one, which has the perfect height and has old-fashioned high keys.

My current old-fashioned keyboard seems to be giving up the ghost, so I asked my friend in IT what the chances were they had another one lying around somewhere. They did, quite a few, too. Still in their original packaging, apparently more than a decade old. I was really happy when I heard that, but another IT guy said with big eyes: But these old ones make these clicking sounds! And I said: YES! That’s what I want! I’m happy about the clicking sounds!

So I was quite nostalgic about these old keyboards that I find so much nicer and easier to use, and it made me realise that although I do love technology, I’m still prone to nostalgia about some of the old stuff.