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Freezing Summer

…or at least its fruit.

Sometimes I’m all enthusiastic about making stuff for my food blogs, get the supplies in, and then either don’t have the time or can’t be bothered to make anything.

Frozen Raspberries 01It so happened with these raspberries. I got two large punnets at the market because I wanted to make a raspberry buttercream cake. Then I was so busy with my decluttering project that I didn’t have time to make something that elaborate.

Frozen Raspberries 02So I decided that instead of overdosing on raspberries I would freeze them, laid out on the low top shelf of the freezer one by one instead of dumping them in a freezer bag and getting a lump when defrosting them.

Frozen Raspberries 03The pictures here show the raspberries in their frozen state, the light white colouring being due to a fine layer of ice.

Frozen Raspberries 04