Triptych - Succulents


Tuesday Triptych: Succulents


Tübingen Botanical Gardens Pt. I

The last day of May was the day my friend and I chose for our monthly photo outing. Another friend had recommended the botanical gardens in Tübingen, which belong to the university, are huge, and there’s no entrance fee.

The last day of May was also a beautiful hot day, albeit quite windy at times and making photography difficult, and I had a bout of hayfever like I haven’t had in years. It was still a great day, I couldn’t believe entry to the gardens was free, and how beautiful everything was.

They have greenhouses, they have plants that have their origin all over the world, and of course everthing’s arranged systematically. Tropical plants can be found in the Tropicarium, another greenhouse hosts succulents, and a third shows the flora of the Canary Islands and other subtropical areas of the world. There’s also an apothecary garden, a vineyard, and an arboretum. This last one has a spiral staircase that goes up to the glass ceiling, so you can view it all from above.

I used both my friend’s 50 mm and my 60 mm macro lens that day. As an experiment I started out with higher f/stops than I usually use – f/8 and f/11 – but then was too chicken to continue out of fear everything would turn out blurry. After I downloaded the pics I could have kicked myself. Everything on high f/stop was fine. Lesson learned.

I took a lot of pictures that day, and today’s post is about the cacti and the succulents. As you can gather from the post title, there will be more parts. It’s so difficult to decide what to post when you’ve taken so many pictures. I just hope none of you will get sick of seeing flowers and plants during the coming weeks 🙂 .