Edinburgh 2017

I’ve been to Edinburgh before, about 10 years ago, but that was before I got bitten by the photography bug. As I was traveling by myself this time, I decided to do a tourist bus tour to get an overview of what I wanted to see in detail later on. So I did the whole tour at first, then on the second round I hopped on and off the bus.

I did a lot of walking during the 2½ days I was there, and yet when I walked up to the Nelson Monument I realised it was steeper than I’d thought. OK, so I hadn’t been jogging for a year, but I arrived up there panting, which I desperately tried to hide because all the elderly people around me seemed to have no trouble at all with the climb 😂 .

I’m always nervous when I download my pictures back at home, because what looks totally OK on the camera display can be completely different when viewed in large. I was quite pleased that for once you can see where I was from my pictures, which isn’t always the case, as I tend to get more caught up in details than sightseeing and tourist spots.

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USA 2015

When I travel, my photography is not the type where you can immediately gather from the pictures where I’ve been.

For example, when I walked through Charleston last month, I so wanted to take pictures around The Battery but I knew these incredibly beautiful old houses would just look like any old house if I took pictures, boring. I don’t have an eye for that kind of thing, and although I do know there’s a picture somewhere in there when I see it, I wouldn’t know how to capture it.

That’s why when I walk through new cities my eye is more trained on little details along the way. I didn’t take many pictures in Charleston, and the ones from Boston are mainly of those little details. I threw in a few from Ogungquit on which I tried out different kinds of editing; the day was very overcast so there were no popping colours in the originals.

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A Quick Hello

AR Jr Bridge

I spent the last week in Charleston, South Carolina, attending a food photography workshop. While the workshop was simply great, the people there made it even greater. I met people I seemed to click with (and I don’t mean click in the photography sense here) right away, and I really hadn’t expected that because I’m not that outgoing a person.

Last weekend I traveled on to Boston and am now staying with friends. One friend took me on a photo trip to Boston on Sunday where I tried my hand for the first time ever at blue hour and night time photography. It was a little frustrating to feel like I knew nothing at all about photography – at least this kind – and had to consult with my friend constantly to help me out with settings etc.

While I had the chance to explore the area I’m currently staying in, sadly I zoned out in front of the TV, sleeping most of yesterday in the armchair with my feet up. Don’t know how this happened, but it seems my body needed that. What makes it worse, though, is that the weather forecast last night said to expect heavy rainfall, storms and flooding. The rain started last night, and here I am yet again in the comfy chair. I hope I’ll at least get some clothes shopping in…

At least I can keep busy with editing my pictures from this trip so far, and if I don’t sleep again all day tomorrow, I might be able to put together the month in pictures from here. See you soon!

Boston Blue Hour 05


Impressions of Italy

A last post about my trip to Italy last month. I have quite a few pictures I like but didn’t know how to present here as they’re a wild mix of stuff.

Although I’m normally a detail picture person using my 105mm macro lens, I took pictures with my borrowed 60 mm lens only during this vacation. I captured details with that, too, but they’re not as close, you still get the “big picture”. Sort of.

By the way – the View of Lago Maggiore from Cable Car pic: the lake was not that blue. The window of the cable car was really dirty, and the air around the lake was very hazy. So I clicked autocorrect and that’s how it turned so blue. But without it, the picture would have been complete rubbish.

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