Weekly Photo Challenge: Lines

WPC - Lines

I seem to be needing a sabbatical every time I post for one of the weekly challenges… Looking back, it’s been on a 2 – 3 times a year basis, maybe I can get myself to participate more often again.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Layered

WPC - Layers

After another long break from participating in the Weekly Photo Challenge, this one came about by pure chance. I’d been cleaning out the little bowl with my garlic stash, discarding the dried out cloves, when this old bulb fell into my hands.

I somehow saw a photo opportunity in the remains of this bulb with only a couple of dried cloves left on it and its tattered papery layers of skin. So I put it aside to photograph it this weekend, and then the weekly photo challenge popped up in the reader with Layered as the subject.

A good feeling to participate in the challenge again! See here how other photographers interpreted Layered.




Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflecting


I haven’t participated in the Weekly Photo Challenge for almost a year, I just realised 😳 – how did that happen?

Luckily this week’s challenge Reflecting fit right in with one of my vacation pics from May 1 in London. My fellow photographer Laura suggested we visit the Serpentine Gallery – to see if there was free wifi so I could check into my flight, so initially our visit wasn’t art related at all.

We were quite glad to have gone in, though, as not only did they have free wifi, but the light was fantastic and taking pictures was allowed; I managed to get a good few pictures out of this impromptu visit.

I was looking at this arty mirror, when I noticed a man coming my way, so I managed to capture his reflection while he was reflecting on the art around us.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Nostalgia


Last week one of my best friends from school called saying she felt really nostalgic and had had a long think about our friendship, and we got talking for a while. Then next day the WP photo challenge subject said nostalgia. But how to translate what we talked about into a picture? I couldn’t.

Then this morning – when the grumpiness I mentioned earlier today in my Friday Flowers post had passed! – I had a good laugh and found a photo subject. A really simple one, but it fits nostalgia to a T. I’m one of very few people who, when issued with a new work laptop, insists on not needing a new keyboard. I’m using an old one, which has the perfect height and has old-fashioned high keys.

My current old-fashioned keyboard seems to be giving up the ghost, so I asked my friend in IT what the chances were they had another one lying around somewhere. They did, quite a few, too. Still in their original packaging, apparently more than a decade old. I was really happy when I heard that, but another IT guy said with big eyes: But these old ones make these clicking sounds! And I said: YES! That’s what I want! I’m happy about the clicking sounds!

So I was quite nostalgic about these old keyboards that I find so much nicer and easier to use, and it made me realise that although I do love technology, I’m still prone to nostalgia about some of the old stuff.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Details

WPC - Detail

I rarely visit my parents’ garden but this past weekend they had guests for a BBQ, so I joined them. My sister advised me to bring my camera because so much is in bloom right now and there’s ample opportunity to find photo subjects.

It turned out that my father couldn’t understand why I was lurking around the shed with my camera instead of taking more flower pictures. The window to the shed was ajar, and I was originally concentrating on capturing a rusty spot when I noticed these filigree leftovers of a spider’s web with bits of fluffy poplar seeds sticking to it. A nice detail for this week’s photo challenge.




Weekly Photo Challenge: Pure

WPC - Pure

It’s been a very long time since I participated in the WP weekly photo challenge, but I guess if the time’s right it’s right…

I was on a walk with my sister today and we passed these newly put up swings close to my house; I looked at the swings, then at my sister and knew she wanted to have a go, too. She assured me these things have to be built to fit and hold everyone’s weight these days, so on we went. The chains were really long, I guess we could have swung right up into the trees.

It was pure joy until I almost got too caught up in getting a good pic but I came around quickly and got back to enjoying it.

While my pictures downloaded I checked out this week’s challenge, and I knew pure would fit perfectly. Pure joy – quite rare these days.




Weekly Photo Challenge: Happy Place

WPC - Happy Place

I think my happy place will always be by the water. It doesn’t matter whether it’s floating in a private pool or just standing by the ocean. It can be a place of beauty in a spectacular location, or as unspectacular as above. It’s enough for me to be there, maybe hear the waves splashing. Just thinking about it transports me there, bare feet on the sand, toes wet by the incoming waves…


Weekly Photo Challenge: Monochromatic

WPC - Monochromatic

I took this photo of an Archimedean screw on the photo walk I took last month with the Drink & Click photo group. I’d taken a few shots of the screw – which was set halfway into water – in motion as someone was turning the attached handle, then last minute decided to risk wet shoes and take a shot peeking inside.

So there you go, my interpretation of monochromatic.




Weekly Photo Challenge: Connected

WPC - Connected

I almost chose the most obvious picture for this week’s Connected photo challenge – a bridge I’d recently photographed. But as I scrolled through my archives I came across this one, shot in the same location and from the bridge I had intended to post.

It made me stop and wonder if this depicted connected even more than the bridge, because although I know nothing about rowing, looking at the picture made me think that not only are the rowers firmly connected to their oars, which in turn connect with the water, but there must be a kind of mental connection between the rowers as well to be able to anticipate the others’ strokes as well as trust them to do their part.

For more interpretations on this week’s challenge, connect to here.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Beneath Your Feet

WPC - Beneath Your Feet

With this summer being the hottest in over ten years here in Germany, spending a day in my friend’s garden last weekend was pure bliss. We sat in the shade underneath a flowering cherry tree and my friend held the garden hose between us, nozzle pointed upwards, creating a succession of swift and short summer showers by spraying water upwards above our heads.

What you see in the picture beneath my feet is the pleasantly wet and cool grass after such a burst of garden hose showers.

See what’s beneath other people’s feet here.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Close Up

WPC - Close Up

This leaf started out as an annoying stray that had landed in my flower box on the balcony. On picking it up I noticed it had what looked like two feelers with tassels at the end. I decided to keep it for photography purposes, and the next morning when the sun shone in and illuminated the leaf, creating an interesting shadow, I put on the macro lens and got shooting. [You can get even closer if you click on the pic.]

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Muse

WPC - Muse

I haven’t participated in the Weekly Photo Challenge for a while, although I did want to. I just didn’t want to have to think about it too much or – God beware 😉 – have to go outside to shoot.

This week’s challenge, though, is Muse and same as the author of the post, I keep going back to the subject again and again, namely that of cosmea flowers. Only the other day I thought: I wonder if I can post another cosmea. Maybe not, people will get fed up with them.

So seeing the challenge and immediately thinking of cosmea is my justification today. I happened to have plucked some blooms off the plant yesterday as they’d had their days in the sun and were destined for the bin just as the latest challenge popped up in my reader.

I love shooting cosmea flowers in all states of growth, bloom, or – as in the above picture – decay. Just throw them (literally, sometimes) on an interesting surface, maybe even focus somewhere unexpected, and suddenly you almost feel like you’ve created art.



Weekly Photo Challenge: Symmetry

WPC - Symmetry

This week’s photo challenge is symmetry. I was surprised I found quite a few fitting pictures in my archives, and then I found this one. It’s not my usual photography style at all, but I vividly remember taking this picture in Newport, RI last summer.

The street was relatively narrow and I stood on the other side of the road, so there was no way I could capture the whole house. The reason I did capture this bit was the flag, as it was shortly before the 4th of July, although I know that there doesn’t need to be a reason for Americans to put up a flag outside their house.

That’s another reason I took quite a few flag pictures during that vacation, because putting up a flag is pretty much unseen in German – except when it’s football (i.e. soccer) season. Any other time you might be judged for a political conviction that you might not even have…


Weekly Photo Challenge: Express Yourself

WPC - Express Yourself 01

The Weekly Photo Challenge’s prompt this week is Express Yourself. I often express myself through cooking and taking food pics but thought it too boring for this challenge.

Then last weekend I saw this graffiti on a visit to Ulm, walked towards it and thought wow! There was more to this graffiti, actually, to the right but I cut that off because I found it to be sexist and absolutely unnecessary. The part I clicked would have been enough to make people look and like it.

So my contribution for this week’s challenge is not an example of me expressing myself, but that of some graffiti artist.

The wall itself wasn’t actually attached to a building. It just stood – maybe placed there to offer graffiti artists an outlet? – in a little park area like an advertising wall.

WPC - Express Yourself 02


Weekly Photo Challenge: Serenity

WPC - Serenity

Just made it again before the next challenge comes out later today… phew. I’m late because I knew I had a picture for the Serenity challenge but couldn’t locate in my archives, so definitely no serenity in this race to get my post in on time…

The picture was taken in 2012 at a yoga retreat housed in a former monastery. From the moment I stepped outside into the huge gardens until the day I left, the word serenity was on my mind. You could stroll through orchards, past vegetable gardens, linger in a walled medicinal herb garden, sit on a bench along a little creek, or just lie in a sun lounger surrounded by old trees. No matter where on the premises I was or the time of day, the serenity of my surroundings took over my mind that until my arrival had been too full of never-ending thoughts racing around.

To this day, when the head seems too intent on holding on instead of letting go, I visualise myself back in that place and take a deep breath. Serenity.


Weekly Photo Challenge: New

WPC - New

This week’s photo challenge by the Daily Post is “New: Use your photo this week to show us something new-to-you for 2015.

These last couple of years I did quite a few things that were new to me, and I have one of my best friends to thank for that. I like to make statements that I would never do this or that, and she likes to reply with “never say never”. And she’s right, of course, as I had to retract quite a few of my “I would never” statements over time.

What you see in the picture, my newly snow booted feet ankle deep in new snow, that’s quite atypical for me: I admit to being a city girl, and when my above mentioned friend took me on my very first walk through the Black Forest, I decided to wear stylish rubber boots that looked good with my outfit. My friend shook her head and said “Only you… city girl!”

The photo shows me on another Black forest walk, this time in new deep snow on January 1st 2015. I started the new year doing something new wearing new snow boots – I haven’t walked in snow like that since I was a little child, nor have I owned – or even needed – snow boots since. I’m hoping to do more new things this year.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Warmth

WPC - Warmth
I was about to post a different version of this picture on my other blog, just about to click publish when I remembered this week’s photo challenge is Warmth. My brain is in vacation mode apparently, not quite up to speed yet after the quiet days of Christmas.

It started snowing here two days ago, and thick flakes are currently coming down outside my window. Lovely sight, but I haven’t been out in the snow yet. I think we’re not used to proper snow here anymore as the last couple of years have been pretty much snowless.

I tend to walk around the house barefoot throughout the year, but even I have now succumbed to wearing fluffy socks. At night I need to have a hot water bottle on my feet, and I shudder to think that my habits until about a year ago were no hot water bottle and the window tilted open.

This particular hot water bottle is part of a his & hers Christmas gift that I still need to get to the post office in the old year…