Weekly Photo Challenge: Twinkle

WPC - Twinkle

It’s been a few weeks since I participated in the Weekly Photo Challenge due to feeling really uncreative. And now that I finally managed to get a picture, I’m a week late – sorry for that!

Last night I started decorating my Xmas tree and took a picture of the LED light chain. It was 20 minutes to 6, meaning 20 minutes before the new challenge would come online, so I was happy to get my picture on time. Then I looked at it on the camera display and didn’t even bother to download.

I just downloaded the pics a moment ago and it turns out my supposed challenge pic did come out well after all, so I decided if Tiina from Arctic Circle-ish could post late, so could I ­čÖé

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Cover Art

WPC - Cover Art - UK

One Summer In Montana

After reading several books that coincidentally were all about people living in Montana, with descriptions of the most beautiful landscapes and the mention of ranches and cowboy boots thrown in, this German girl thinks┬áMontana must be really worth seeing. She asks her American friend whether she’s ever been to Montana, and the reaction is something along the lines of “No. Why would I want to go there? What’s there to see in Montana?” So the German friend tells her about those books, and the mention of┬áMontana becomes a running gag between the two. Whenever the German girl meets new Americans, she asks them whether they’ve ever been to┬áMontana but has yet to meet someone who has.
One day she decides to use all her annual leave, pack her favourite green summer dress and her new cowboy boots, and visit Montana for one summer. This book is a journal of her Montana road trip.

WPC - Cover Art - US

Personally, I prefer to submit only 1 picture for a challenge, but I really couldn’t make up my mind; I asked friends for advice but again it was a draw. So just like in the real world, there is now a UK edition and a US edition available of this book ­čśë┬á And BTW – this story is true, up to the bit where she actually travels… that’s just wishful thinking on my part.

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PS: If anyone from Monatana happens to read this post, I would love to hear about the beauty of your state! ­čÖé


Weekly Photo Challenge: Refraction

WPC - Refraction
Most weeks I catch┬á myself thinking that I’m going to skip the weekly photo challenge. I don’t really like that I’m the type to give up so easily and am currently working on counteracting this urge. This week I had already made friends with the skipping thought when nature brought along an unexpected opportunity.

After a quite windy day on Tuesday, the evening turned stormy with very heavy rain. As I stood there looking out the kitchen window, through the rain onto the lit streets, I grabbed the tripod and my 50 mm lens, and here you go.

Refraction, my interpretation.




Weekly Photo Challenge: Signs

WPC - Signs

I walked along the gallery of our market hall earlier this week, and I almost missed the white neon signs about the market hall’s 100 year anniversary.

The letters seemed almost discreet because of the light, airy surroundings. Taking a closer look, however, and viewing the letters from the right angle made it seem as if the word Markthalle was placed directly on the balustrade.

It seems like a bit of a restless picture because of the overhead beams and the stalls below, but concentrating on the lettering, it almost looks like art to me.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Adventure

WPC - Adventure
I didn’t want to skip this week’s challenge, even though I don’t have a good quality picture for it. It’s only a smartphone pic from my last trip as my camera bag was in the overhead locker.

Traveling is always an adventure for me, and traveling to the UK – even if it’s only for a layover – is an even better one. To me, the atmosphere on leaving a plane in the UK is already so completely different from the atmosphere at home.

However much I love being on British soil, though, I don’t really like the hustle & bustle at Heathrow… that adventure I could totally do without.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Fray

WPC - Fray

Sometimes being in a different time zone has its advantages. In this case – the new WP challenge isn’t out yet, so I was able to get in my picture before America wakes up properly and WP issues the latest challenge.

I’d written this one off completely because fray was not part of my life this last week, in no sense of the word. Then this morning while driving to work, I looked at my hand on the steering wheel and noticed the skin just below the fingernail was totally frayed on one finger. So I sped home after work and clicked away.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette

WPC - Silhouette

Sometimes amazing things happen, and you think This cannot be real! I’m not talking about major important things in life but little things. Like the WP Weekly Photo Challenge.

I was chilling on my sofa, and as I’m prone to do I jumped up and got the camera because on the wall above the opposite sofa a silhouette showed, thrown onto the wall through the window behind me. It only lasted for a couple of minutes and I was glad I captured it.

Then while I downloaded the day’s pictures, the latest WP Photo Challenge showed up in my reader, and it said silhouette. Amazing, or what!? Granted, it’s not one of the best pictures I’ve ever taken, but for a picture taken without really thinking about it and a bit of fiddling with brightness and saturation – I can live with it.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Texture

 WPC - Texture

The subject of this week’s photo challenge is texture.┬á A picture I took last week came to mind, but once again I wasn’t sure it would fit the challenge. So I looked up the definitions of texture, and here is what the dictionary said: the characteristic physical structure given to a material, an object, etc., by the size, shape, and arrangement of its parts. In addition, the thesaurus mentions the tactile property or feel of a surface.

So I guess this fits. I like looking at these leftovers of my scabiosa flowers. The texture of the scabiosa changes throughout its journey from bud to flower: from the firm closed buds soft petals appear with what I call little feelers that are also soft. As the flower moves towards the end of its life, the petals fall off and the feelers become firm and prickly. I hadn’t expected the prickliness when I deadheaded them and was quite surprised to get stung. It was well worth it, though, to get a few pictures.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Zigzag

WPC - Zigzag

Funny how I was going to give up straight away when I saw the subject of this week’s photo challenge. My first thought was: “Pfffff. Oh no. What on earth am I going to do about this one? I’m going to have to skip it because if I go out looking for something zigzag I’ll never find it.” And that quickly I was done with it.

Luckily I remembered doing one of those drive-by shots of Boston Northern Avenue Bridge from the tourist bus last month, and I think it fits the zigzag subject quite well.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Containers

WPC - Containers

This week’s photo challenge by the Daily Post is containers. Actually I’m cutting it just fine – again – before the new challenge comes out tomorrow.

I chose this picture because I found the inside of this box quite interesting. To me it looks almost like an architect’s model of a Roman city.

In reality, it contained something much more valuable to me – my new coffee maker ­čÖé

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Between

WPC - Between
The daily post’s photo challenge for this week is between.

When I read what the challenge was I immediately thought: I am between. It took a little longer to define what exactly it meant and why I felt that way.

I realised what it was when I walked into the bedroom and saw my open suitcase lying there with my packing list on top.

I’m between because I’m going somewhere but aren’t there yet, so it feels a little unreal. I’ve packed most of my things but some need to go into the suitcase last minute.

Thursday was a public holiday, so I had Friday off. It would probably be different if I’d worked until Friday with only Saturday to do the packing and thinking. In my mind I’m still here but already wondering what it will be like there.



Weekly Photo Challenge: Extra, Extra

I was going “HA!” when I saw this week’s WPC Extra, Extra with the challenge to share a photo with a little something extra in it that’s unexpected.

A certain picture immediately sprang to mind that I had been wanting to post, waiting for an occasion, but then dismissed it because of the quality of the picture.

I took it last month, the location was Munich’s train station. I came up the escalator and saw an Accessorize shop to my left. That’s nothing special, but what drew my eye was the colour orange.

Curses were flying through my head because I’d packed my camera up in my suitcase. So I had to resort to my phone, which is why the image isn’t of good quality. It still makes me smile, though, to see a group of Buddhist monks standing in front of Accessorize as if waiting for some fellow monks who had gone in to stock up on accessories.

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Weekly Photo Challenge - Extra


Weekly Photo Challenge: Work Of Art

Weekly Photo Challenge - Work Of Art
Who would’ve thought I’d be posting another insect for WPC? Certainly not me. However, it seems like the critters have declared May to be Let’s Meet At Kiki’s month.

I walked into the kitchen one evening last week and saw a big black lump clinging to the window frame. Getting closer, I realised it was a hornet. *shudder* It wouldn’t budge, banging on the window from inside didn’t get its attention either. So definitely no opening the window overnight.

The next morning it still clung there, so I decided to try a friendly knock on the window. Result! It seemed to slowly wake up, stretching a little and doing some kind of morning routine. Then it plopped down on the window sill, and I got my camera while the hornet apparently found breakfast on the sill.

I only downloaded the pictures today, and I was amazed. Hadn’t really thought I’d gotten any good shots. Looking at the cropped versions, though, I had to concede that even though my feelings towards that hornet were definitely negative, watching it in motion – safely behind glass – was amazing. Muscles moving, the little feelers moving around, and those fragile looking, delicate wings. Nature’s work of art.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: On The Move

Weekly Photo Challenge - On The MoveThis is not a week where I’ll be on the move much, nor will I have the opportunity to snap a picture of other people or things on the move.

So I thought I’d have to skip this week’s challenge until I saw this little critter on the move. I was brushing my teeth when I noticed movement from the corner of my eye. This little spider was moving up my cosmetics basket, and I was dithering whether I should run and grab the camera or not. Because if there’s one thing I detest more than detecting creepy-crawlies in my vicinity, it’s seeing them and then losing track of them. Who knows where they’ll crawl just to come out later when you’ve forgotten all about them and scare you. I’m shivering as I type thinking about this thing finding its way into my hair as I lie in a bubble bath. Luckily that won’t happen. Don’t ask…

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